The Therapeutic Power Of Touch
Massage is an ancient science which dates back into 3000BC. There is documented evidence to show that massage was used as a therapy to cure patients with any disease or physical ailments. Massage lost its horizon in the long run but with alternative medicines receiving a warm welcome massage has made its way back. The… (0 comment)

Is Snacking Really Healthy?
Lots has been discussed about health issues and foods that you can eat that will keep you healthy and lean, after following all advices and suggestions we finally don’t forget to gorge on our favorite cheese wafers or high calorie food. There is current notion amongst individuals especially with the ones who are health freaks,… (0 comment)

Are There Any Limits To Work-Outs You Do?
As per the world health survey there are more number of obese people than half of our population and the amount of carbon gases released by heavy individuals contributes to global warming, we can do our bit to stop the global melting down by reducing our weight so that it doesn’t release more than wanted… (0 comment)

Discover The Hidden Power Of Bath
Water is an important component in the life of every living being. Water sustains life providing comfort and protection. If we look at the comfort that water provides we realize that it is soothing to hear the sound of running water and a good bath eases the stress of the outside world and helps in… (0 comment)

Best Tips For Overcoming Stress
The lifestyles of people have changed in one last decade or so or even more than that. We see people visiting their doctors very often these days some people blame it on extra working hours at office, yet some see it as bad eating habits but the fact remains that all these things are happening… (0 comment)