Lower Back Pain – How to Find the Right Practitioner?
To answer this question, let’s break lower back pain into four different types: Acute Pain Lower Back Pain With Red Flag Signs or Symptoms Lower Back Pain Associated with Pain or Numbness in the Lower Extremity Chronic Lower Back Pain We have provided guidance for each type of patient below. Type 1: Acute Pain lasted… (0 comment)

Chest Pain in Women: A Variety of Causes
Women do not have the same biology as men. We remember this when it comes to so-called “women’s health issues” such as pregnancy and menopause. However, it is not something we think about when it comes to experiencing chest pain. What Actually Causes Chest Pain in Women So what causes chest pain in women? Dr.… (0 comment)

How Much Protein Do We Really Need?
How much protein should I be eating? This one of the top 5 questions we hear and it seems like everyone has a different opinion on the subject. In this article we’re going to stick with the facts and ignore the urban legends and wives-tales. The (U.S.) RDA recommends about 56 grams of protein per… (0 comment)

How To Make Weight Loss Work (We Tried Them)
Whilst experts can argue amongst themselves the many contributing factors as to why, we as a nation, are becoming fatter. The simple underlying reason is that we eat too much. Yes there is a fast-food outlet on every high street but so what, not every fat person regularly eats fast food. In fact there are… (0 comment)

Losing Weight With Yoga – Possible Or Not?
The ancient practice of yoga combines different postures, meditation and breathing patterns and it works miracles when it comes to losing weight. Scientists are puzzled by the fact that sweating so little can influence our body weight. On top of that, controversial benefits of yoga are scientifically proven. According to a latest study published in the July/August… (0 comment)

The 7 Best Ab Exercises Ever!!
There are quite literally hundreds of different ab exercises one can do, but how many of them really are effective? Here I’d like to give a selection of the best ab exercises to work the upper abs, lower abs and side obliques. they’re my personal favorite which I have used to great effect. Please, please… (0 comment)

12 Weight Loss Food Supplements To Have In Daily Diet
Overweight, Obesity is increasing at a rapid pace among the people nowadays. Main reason is the daily diet we consume is made with ghee and olive oil, containing large amount of fat and cholesterol that avoids weight loss. We can’t even think of trading these off from our food items that in turn prevents us… (0 comment)