Phoenix Denise Austin 99120 Mini Stepper Plus
One of the great advantages of a mini stepper is its compact size as well as its very affordable price tag. This particular model, the Phoenix Denise Austin 99120 Mini Stepper Plus is very competitively priced right now at Amazon, which is where the link below will take you to get one of the best… (0 comment)

Affordable Organic Skincare That ROCKS!
My poor skin has been through a number the past year while I have been trying various creams and oils in search of a cheap and easy skin care regimen that works.  I’ve tried coconut oil which made me break out.  I’ve tried Argan oil which did not leave my skin moisturized.  I even tried an… (0 comment)

Hers MS 68 Mini Stepper with Bands
If you are looking for a low price mini stepper that also incorporates arm bands so that you can also work your arms while you are working your legs, while the whole machine folds away into a very small space for easy storage, then we certainly have the answer to all yoru prauyers here! Hers… (0 comment)

StairMaster SC916 Stepper
If you are looking for the top end of stepper machines, the StairMaster SC916 stepper is the best of the best. Price is not even a consideration when you want the very best in work out apparatus and you will certainly get a machine that is worth every cent in this top class stepper. StairMaster… (0 comment)

Stamina Electronic Stepper
If you’re looking for a first rate cardio wo rkout machine that takes up almost no room at all, this great little electronic stepper is just the thing. Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper Are you limited in space but still want a great cardiovascular workout? Look no further than the Stamina InStride electronic stepper. This machine… (0 comment)

The Easiest Produce Wash
Washing fruit and veggies is something I haven’t thought out too well.  Although I’ve heard time and again to not do this, I use a tiny bit of watered down dish soap to wash produce with tough skins like apples, cucumbers, zucchini, etc.  As for things like berries with a soft, absorbent skin, I just rinse in tap… (0 comment)