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Begineer’s Guide To Babyproofing Your Home

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Despite being on one’s guard, one is the sad spectator of several, frequent, fatal mishaps caused by a sequence of events, among hyperactive, adventurous toddlers. As kids start getting mobile, you must shield him from seemingly dangerous circumstances.

Begineer’s Guide To Babyproofing Your Home

A must follow guide that will help every parent in maintaining utmost safety standards.

  • Keep all medicines, gardening tools, hot & alcoholic drinks, plastic bags, TV, mirrors, cosmetics, chemicals, edible items, vaporizers, fire extinguishers, sharp objects, match boxes, lighters in closets, and way out of the reach of the child.
  • There should be no tattered wiring lying around, electric sockets with safety guards should be present. All hot radiators should be properly sealed off; all heaters fixed high up in the wall. Avoid light weight furniture as the child will try to drag it around. It is a must to safety lock all equipments like dishwashers or washing machine.
  • One should make sure that doors of all major rooms open to the outside. All windows and balconies should be shielded and fitted with safety latches. Non-slippery, uncluttered floors, sliding cabinets, closed and locked drawers at all times are a must. The child’s finger can get stuck in a swing door, so either change it or secure it in an open position.
  • The gas station, sharp knives, glass items should be well off reach. The handles of cooking utensils should be always turned inwards and never leaving boiling pan unattended. Making a separate play area for your child while you cook where you can monitor his moves and do you work. Frequently needed items to be kept at eye’s level and if using the ladder is essential, make sure balance is good and the child is not nearby. Any spilled liquids or fluids should be wiped immediately.
  • Buy non flammable clothing for your child and keep all his toys at low levels so that he may not need to climb or stretch which might lead to a fall. Never leave toys lying around for too long either as the child can trip on them. Never leave the child on the changing table or the bathroom for even a second.
  • There should be a safety gate to the stairs, swimming pool and the garden. Well lit hallways and stairs and remove all venomous plants from the area. Keep clothes line way above child’s reach and keep child far away while mowing lawn.
  • Never place the child close to the electric fire at bed time, as children tend to kick of their quilts while asleep. Wall mounted lightings are a safe bet. Create a barrier around your garbage bins to avoid your child from getting in and poke around it. Get rid of any animal or bird droppings before the child gets his hands on them.

Most accidents are avoidable if one takes the time, care and above underlying tips to make sure the chances of accidents in our homes are minimized.

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