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Cardio Workout for Six Pack Abs – 6 Things You Should Know

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From my personal experience and opinion, to achieve a tough. well shaped and strong body, you should never skip cardio workouts. Not to forget, there are tremendous health benefits of cardio workouts on overall health.

Apart from reducing risks of many serious health problems like heart problems, diabetes and blood pressure, it also helps to fulfill your dream of getting a sexy six pack abs fast.

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What is Cardio Workout?

When we speak of cardio, most of us automatically think of running, spinning, stepping, kickboxing and swimming. But there are certain questions we have to answer. Do you maximize the advantages of these super cardio names? Do you perform only 1 exercise, because you like it? What kind of cardio workout is the most appropriate and how many times? What about people who don’t know anything about cardio workout and has the wrong impression about the right choice?

First let’s get rid of some cardio myths!

1. For maximum fat burn it is good to keep your heart rate in so called “Fat burning zone”.

A well known American coach Paul Robbins from the American Center Athletes Performance from Tampa Arizona explains that the most fat is burned when the heart rate during exercise is low.

It is true, that while we exercise at low intensity the most fuel our body needs comes from fat, but the fact remains that you burn much less than while doing exercise at the more intensive stage. The final usage of calories is much more important that the fact where the fuel comes from.

2. You can shape the lower body only with exercises like running or stepping.

Another myth which holds up to a certain level, because some aerobic activities really do strengthen lower parts of the body. If we really want to develop muscles and shape our bodies and prevent injuries it is really important that we do power exercises (like weight lifting), which will strengthen our legs and complete lower part of the body.

These kind of exercises must be done in more than one series and the fact is that these exercises also makes cardio workout more productive. The stronger will our legs be, more we will be able to exercise. If we make a simple formula out of this: The more we exercise, more calories we will burn, the results will be better.

3. Some cardio machines are better than others for aerobic training.

Wrong! But it is true that we can’t make the same effort on every machines. That is why it is very important that we know how to exercise at a level high enough to increase our heart rate.

A small advice: In these machines it is good to use manual adjustment of the programme to assure a high intensive training.

. If after the exercise you are not completely worn out, you didn’t work hard enough.

Another myth. Good cardio exercise should be refreshing and stimulating. The amount of sweat is not the pointer of the intensity of the exercise, there are also other factors that contribute to this, such as body temperature, humidity, genetics,…

5. Longer exercise burns more calories.

Wrong. We can burn more calories with the exercise in a shorter period of time with high intensity exercise. With the increment of the heart rate, your body will burn more calories, metabolism will speed up and your body will burn calories hours after you will stop doing exercises.

6. It is necessary to make 6 to 7 high intensive aerobic training per week to assure optimal cardiovascular strength and endurance.

Wrong. We can’t have an intensive workout every day, while this leads to injuries and depletion. The relaxation is necessary for recovery and for the improvement of our performance. Do not make more than 2 or 3 high intensive cardio workouts per week, which of course you can combine with low and middle intensive workouts.

Now we know what we must not do. How to train and how to focus our workouts depends on our goals. If you want to maintain your health, that means 30 min of physical activity every day. If you want to lose body fat or lose weight means that you will need 60-90 min of the middle intensity workouts most days of the week.

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