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Men Are Big Loser Than Women (Weight)

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Men and women are no where a difference in the world but if we see the law of nature, there is some difference, which us described here with some logical and medical reasons. Let’s first read the question aroused by the Canadian dietician Leslie Beck.

Men Are Big Loser Than Women (Weight)“Why is it that a woman only has to look at a decadent dessert to feel the pounds creeping on, while all a man has to do are cut back on portions – or hit the gym a few times a week – to watch the pounds fall off?”

Interesting question na? Let’s find out some reasons why the research shows that men lose their weight faster than women?

Here are the reasons why Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women:

  1. Muscles make the difference
    Basically the natural structure of men body is such that weight losing process becomes more effective. Want to know why? See,Men are genetically hardwired to shed weight faster than women. Men are more prone to build muscle, because of higher levels of the hormone testosterone. As men have more muscle mass, they also have a higher resting metabolism Muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have in relation to body fat, the higher your resting metabolism.
  2. Men have less estrogen.
    Men lose weight faster than women because women have more estrogen, which is a hormone that keeps fat on women’s bodies. Estrogen and body fat make it easier to get pregnant.
  3. Exercise matters
    Men can lose weight through exercise alone. “A study of 962 men and women enrolled in a two-year weight loss program found that exercise alone was enough to help men lose weight. In women, however, even substantial increases in exercise weren’t enough to produce weight loss if they didn’t reduce their calorie intake.
  4. More dieting, less weight loss
    This is a stunning fact we are revealing through some authentic studies and researches. Dieting slows metabolism – and women are more likely to diet to lose weight than men. Cutting calories burns muscle and triggers hormonal changes, which promotes fat storage…so dieting and fasting is NOT a fat burning tip for females!
  5. Approach of exercises
    A male approach to losing weight may also lead to better results. Men are more likely to include regular exercise, which appears to do more than increase one’s calorie deficit. One study found that men who exercised and dieted had more self-restraint and experienced less hunger compared with men who followed a diet-only program. Women in the study didn’t experience the psychological benefits of exercise.
  6. Eating habits differs
    Women crave packaged foods, chocolate, sweets, and breads – foods that are easier to overeat. In contrast, men prefer comfort foods that mom used to make: meat and potatoes, and home-cooked meals. This is another reason men lose weight faster than women. Plus, men are less likely to eat for emotional reasons like stress, anxiety, sadness, boredom…which is not a fat burning tip for females.
  7. Issues of appearance
    Women often set out to lose weight in the hopes of improving appearance, while men are more likely to be concerned about their future health and fitness. As a result, men are often less focused on the looks and also less motivated by the “jealous” factor which is stronger in women. Improvements in strength or a looser waistband are often enough to motivate men to stick to their program. But women tend to beat themselves up over a few extra pounds, which deflate self-confidence and self-worth.

So, these are the key reasons why men lose more weight than women and we would definitely like to make a tip to women to learn something from the good habits of men. It’s good to learn good things, right?

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