The Therapeutic Power Of Touch

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Massage is an ancient science which dates back into 3000BC. There is documented evidence to show that massage was used as a therapy to cure patients with any disease or physical ailments. Massage lost its horizon in the long run but with alternative medicines receiving a warm welcome massage has made its way back.

The Therapeutic Power Of Touch

Massage is aimed at releasing tension and relaxing your mind and body with the help of touch. With the increasing popularity of massage there are many schools that offer variations in the types of massage following the same basic simple act of human touch and true affection for the spirit within.

The Therapeutic Power Of Touch

Therapeutic powers of massaging hands are empowered by adding aroma oils aroma oils are made by mixing one or more essential oils which are derived from flowers, leaves, bark, roots or seed. These oils have different fragrance and suits different purpose. Having a massage with aroma oil combined with a perfect ambience of comfort and light relaxing music offers a perfect combination to soothe your senses. Massage can be used to soothe and nourish every part of our body with the simple act of touch. You can treat yourself or someone close to a relaxing massage that will increase your energy and revitalize your spirits. Out feet are prone to get tired easily due to the numerous steps that we take each day. It is relaxing to have an aroma foot massage.

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair soak your feet in aroma enriched footbath for achieving better relaxation.
  2. Place one foot on the opposite thing and apply aroma infused oil or lotion onto your foot. You can start by applying pressure with your thumbs on the sole of your foot and gently moving towards the bottom of your arch towards your big toe. You can repeat this exercise for at least five times.
  3. You can form a fist with your hand and move your knuckles into the bottom of your foot, moving from the heels towards your toes. This relaxes the sensitive points in your foot. You can perform this exercise five times
  4. You can massage each toe by holding it firmly and moving it from side to side. You can extend each toe gently out and away from the ball of your foot and apply pressure to the areas between your toes.
  5. You can move further by holding one toe in one hand and bending them backwards and holding them for five to ten seconds. You can then bend them in the opposite direction and again hold for five to ten seconds. You can repeat this exercise three times.
  6. You can now switch to the other foot and repeat the same exercise.

You can complete the ritual of massage by blending in with good smell and relaxing music to make a perfect ambience. You can also choose nature to offer the perfect ambience inn the gentle rains or on the beachfront which is accompanied with the soft sound of the ocean. You can add relaxing music to add an extra flavor to the healing massage.

Massage is a popular type of spa treatment which relaxes with the power of touch but you need to follow care in certain circumstances such as:

  1. Do not massage someone who has had recent surgery.
  2. someone who has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy
  3. someone who has fever or infection,
  4. person who has broken bones that have not healed completely
  5. Skin disorders or allergy or extreme acne.
  6. Do not massage a pregnant woman on the stomach.

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